McGraw Elementary

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McGlee Club

McGlee Club is McGraw's 4th and 5th grade vocal choir.  Rehearsals are on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 8-8:50 in the music room.  McGlee Club is open to any 4th or 5th grader interested in extra singing.  We perform a variety of literature, and perform 2-4 times per year.  McGlee Club is offered in the fall.


The 2012-13 McGlee Club was one of five choirs selected out of 124 auditioned groups to perform at the Colorado Music Educator's Association (CMEA) Clinic/ Conference in January, 2013!  This is a huge honor and the choir did an AMAZING job.  Footage from the actual concert can not be uploaded, but you can check them out and watch their singing progress in two videos: Radio Rhythms and a combined pre-CMEA concert  (second choir to perform, about 22 minutes in):






Check out the 2012 McGlee Club here: