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Student-led Conferences

Student-led conferences at McGraw

Every spring, classes in grades K-5 at McGraw hold student-led conferences. Student-led conferences are just one type of conferences held at McGraw. Student-led conferences are formal conferences, led by the students, where children are involved in discussing their work and progress with their parents. McGraw teachers help students prepare to lead their own conferences so student can be successful in sharing about their learning with others.

During your child’s conference, you can expect that your child will show you work samples from their IB student portfolio and talk with you about their growth as a learner and areas they wish to improve in next year. Your child may also demonstrate learning activities they are engaged in at school, ask you to help them set personal goals, and take you on a “tour” of their classroom and other places in the school where learning takes place. It is truly amazing to observe how even the youngest students at McGraw can confidently lead their own conferences.


Reasons that student-led conferences have become a vital part of the McGraw PYP community

• Students take more agency (voice, choice and ownership) over their learning.

• Student-led conferences give parents a clear insight into the progress and process of their child's learning and an opportunity for them to discuss this with their child.

• Student-led conferences provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning, set goals for continued growth, demonstrate Approaches to Learning skills and develop the attributes of the IB Learner Profile.


What parents can do  to help make the student-led conferences successful for you and your child

• Be positive.

• Be interested.

• Ask questions of your child.

• Listen carefully.

• Celebrate your child’s learning with them.

• Keep the focus of the conference on what your child has to share about their learning.

• Be prepared to write a brief reflection/complete a survey about the conference afterwards.


Look for details to be sent home several weeks before student-led conferences regarding dates, times and the structure of your child’s conference. You may also contact your child’s teacher for more information about student-led conferences.

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