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Developing the IB Learner Profile at McGraw

The aim of every IB program, from preschool through high school, is to develop internationally-minded learners who make a positive difference in their world and community. The learner profile contains a set of attributes (shown in the image below) that represent students' intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth. As McGraw students demonstrate the attributes of the IB learner profile, they are putting the IB mission statement and the McGraw mission statement into action. 

At McGraw the attributes of the IB learner profile are intentionally taught and interwoven with all aspects of student learning throughout the day: in classrooms, in hallways, on the playground, in the school nature center, in the cafeteria, on field trips and in remote learning environments. Student demonstration of the Learner Profile is regularly celebrated at our school. Student agency is fostered when students regularly use the learner profile attributes to set goals and reflect on their personal growth as IB learners. Parents are encouraged to reinforce the attributes of the learner profile at home by recognizing when their child is demonstrating them and informing their child's teacher.

Students demonstrate the IB learner profile as they engage in inquiry-based learning, gain knowledge and conceptual understandings through exploration of PYP units of inquiry, acquire life-long skills, and take self-initiated action. We are proud of McGraw students who are "soaring like eagles" as they grow into life-long, internationally-minded learners!

IB Learner Profile for Students

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