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McGraw uses the best music education practices through the study and implementation of visionaries Zoltan Kodály and Carl Orff.  Kodály believed in using folk songs of the native tongue  to create a sequenced comprehensive musical training through singing including the use of solfége with moveable do, Curwen hand signs, reading and writing rhythms, using Cheve rhythmic syllables, ear training, movement, and performance.  Orff believed in the use of instruments and sounds, movement, and creation to create a balanced education.  He emphasized the use of speech (rhymes and chants), unpitched percussion instruments, mallet instruments, body percussion, and exploration.  Through extensive study and training, the music teacher at McGraw use the visions of both Kodály and Orff to give their students the best musical training.

Music, along with art, physical education, technology, and Spanish, at McGraw is unique in instruction because students learn many things in many ways.  Students learn how to be comprehensive musicians, have state standards to follow (as music is a core subject according to the state of Colorado Department of Education), and also support the IB Primary Years Program (PYP) philosophy and PYP units. 

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Mallory Harrison, music specialist

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Mallory Harrison