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Cathy Bowles

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(970) 488-8383
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About Me
What I like about teaching is...: 

witnessing the amazing transformation in the students as they gain knowledge and confidence to take on new challenges! I am so blessed to have followed my heart to the profession that allows parents to trust me with their precious babies.

What I like about my school is...: 

the learning atmosphere, the dedicated IB staff, the parents and, most of all...those kids!

Hobbies and interests include...: 

spending time with my two beautiful daughters and my supportive husband, going out to eat, reading and hanging out with my friends

My favorite book is...: 

something that changes all of the time but my most recent favorite is Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks, thanks to Mrs. Fenn.

Something most people do not know about me is...: 

I was given my name sign by a Deaf friend in college, because I was a dancer at the University of Northern Colorado.

My favorite quote is...: 

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

My Classroom
About My Classroom: 

My classroom, I often describe as one with a "revolving door". Students with a variety of hearing loss and communication modes come to me for support in many areas throughout the day. The bar is high for positive and productive behavior and we believe in frequent celebrations, no matter how small. We are a caring community of students, sign language interpreters, special education paraprofessionals and service providers. The staff in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing department invest their hearts and souls into the students we serve, evident everyday, whether in the general education classes or in my intervention room. I am also proud to provide support and interventions for students on an Individual Education Plan that do not have a hearing loss. This year, I am serving students in other schools in the district so you may see me a bit less but my door is always open for visitors so please stop in!