McGraw Elementary

An IB World School

McGraw Students Soar at District Track and Field Meet

Several McGraw 4th and 5th Grade students recently competed at the Poudre School District Elementary Track and Field Meet. We are proud of they represented McGraw. See their individual and team results below:

5th Grade Students:

Skylar Haase - 3rd  in the Mile Run
Stephen Medina - 7th in the 100m Dash, 2nd in the Long Jump
Marley Kesler - 2nd in the 50m Dash, 5th in the Triple Jump, and 100m Dash District Champion
​Neva Foy - 7th in the 100m Dash, 9th in the 50m Dash
Ethan Thomason - 3rd in the Shot Put
​Neva Foy, Marley Kesler, Chloe Fankhauser and Kailyn Petrilli - 2nd in the 75m Relay

4th Grade Students:

Andrew Morris - 2nd  in the ½ Mile Run, 6th in the 75m Dash, 2nd in the 200m Dash
Easton Miller - 8th in the 200m Dash
Josephine DeMaret - 3rd in the 50m Dash, 8th in the 75m Dash
Sara Chicco - 10th in the 50m Dash
Alex Carl - 3rd in the Shot Put
Grant Fischer - 6th in the Triple Jump
Preston Burt - 6th in the Shot Put
​Janey Dunn - 7th in the Shot Put
Matthew Aldridge - 9th in the Triple Jump
Mason Guarnieri -  5th in the Long Jump
Preston Burt, Grant Fischer, Mason Guarnieri, Andrew Morris - District Champions in the 75m Relay
Josephine DeMaret, Ella Flemister, Kate McGonagle, Sara Chicco - 2nd  in the 75m Relay