McGraw Elementary

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McGraw teams soar at regional Odyssey of the Mind tournament

Seven teams from McGraw participated in the regional Odyssey of the Mind (OM) tournament that took place at Boltz Middle School on Saturday, March 5. We are proud of how well the students on the teams performed and how they represented our school through their actions.

Our Primary (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade) teams all did a terrific job learning how to work together and coming up with some very creative plays around the theme of a magical object making something come to life ("Stir the Pot"). Primary teams do not compete against each other. The regional tournament is mostly an opportunity for them to celebrate their hard work and prepare them to compete in Division 1 teams when they are a little older. However, all the students do receive a medal for their efforts. Our fantastic primary teams were:

Stir the Pot Team 1: Liam Bateman, Cailin Mitchell, Atticus Klaver, Maddie Paige, Ari Trevino, Selene Swanstrom, Kaia Bennett; Coaches: Stephanie Paige and Christal Bateman

Stir the Pot Team 2:  Jason Papadopoulus, Dorothy Berger, Wyatt Myers, Althea Stuard, ellie Schkade, Parker Smith, Ben Koenig; Coach: Mitzi Berger

Stir the Pot Team 3:  Averi Hoback, Ripley Savage, Leah Chen, William Jurjovec, James Koenig, Carson Wangnild (These are all Kindergarten students!) Coaches: Brad Hoback and Kelley Savage 

McGraw's four Division 1 teams are made up of mostly 2nd - 5th Grade students. They were competing against up to eight other teams, with the top three teams in each problem category earning the right to go to the state OM tournament in April. Here is how our teams fared:​

No-Cycle Recycle: Justin Morris, Ivan Chen, Addie Caldwell, Tristan Matthew, Grant Fischer, Hannah Hein; Coaches: Jennifer Schnur and Sara Fischer - 2nd place, advanced to state tournament (They scored only three points behind the 1st place team.)

​Something Fishy: Leo Foote, Asher Klaver, Lilly Swann, Layton Stolz, Makayla Kuti, Sarai McDonald; Coaches: Kristen Foote and Matt Kuti - 3rd place, advanced to state tournament

Stack Attack!: Jordan Ackerfield, Connor Ackerfield, Ezra Roth, Daniel Schkade, Henry Koenig, Cierra Corbin, Alexis Resseguie; Coaches: Colby Ackerfield and Jennifer Owens - 1st place, advanced to state tournament (This team advanced to the OM World tournament last spring.)

Furs, Fins, Feathers and Friends: Maiti McCausland, Kaydence Richardson, Sadie Gudmestad, Jayne van de Lindt, Helen Flenner, Morgan Dirks, Natalie Maher; Coaches: Deidre Sewell and Damon McCausland - 3rd place, advanced to state tournament

As you can see, all four McGraw Division 1 teams advanced to the state OM tournament!

Regardless of the results, McGraw students have had a terrific learning experience in OM this year. Thanks to parents, coaches and McGraw staff members for their support and encouragement to help them succeed in OM and as IB lifelong learners!