McGraw Elementary

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Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning in the IB Primary Years Program

Through the Primary Years Program at McGraw, students are introduced to and begin to master a universal set of skills that are valuable for their learning within the classroom and in life outside of school. These skills are called the "Approaches to Learning" (formerly referred to as the PYP "transdisciplinary skills") because they are like tools that students use to approach, manage and take ownership for their learning.

From Kindergarten – 5th grade, teachers at McGraw help students develop the following approaches to their learning:

• Thinking Skills
• Social Skills
• Communication Skills
• Self-Management Skills
• Research Skills

Click here for a description of the supporting skills that each of these areas encompass.

Daily opportunities are provided at school for students to practice using the Approaches to Learning and to reflect on how well they are applying them. Parents can support student use of these skills outside of school by referring to them with their children at home and in the community. As with any tool, as we have more purposeful, guided opportunities to use it, the more confident and independent we become in its use!